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Social media and Job search


Do you all think social media’s are time wasters? I would say if used effectively social media is the most powerful tool available to share our thoughts in the public and get noticed.

For sure, it can help you in your job search. Who is not using it now? Even the recruiters do a preliminary candidate screening using social pages. So how can we use social media to find our dream jobs? That isn’t easy though, we need some basic preparation as listed below.

First of all, we need to put our plan in writing so that we do job searches as per our plan which will make a great difference in your job search.

Better not post any posts that are too personal or political or affecting any other’s sentiments. Delete all unwanted post and do not keep several accounts in different names and be sure to delete inactive profiles.
As we say the first impression is the best impression, plan to post a good professional picture of yours.

Always use your real names and not a nickname or fake names if you are looking for a new job. Review your profile and edit as need so that it looks attractive and professional. Share good posts if it is related to your job or area of expertise. You can also write good blogs in the area of your expertise. Try to connect with experts in your field and join groups. Follow good employers pages, engage good posts. You can think about launching a personal web page or a blog where all of your good efforts ate put in.

Hope this helps. Happy job searching!
Jobs Campaign Team



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