Are you searching a job? Avoid these bad habits and behaviors.


Habits show your personality either it is bad or good. To stay on top of your job search, be sure to avoid these bad habits:


No Interviewer will like to see you 10 minutes late for an interview or he will encourage you that you were late. You may miss the opportunity to attend the interview or will never get a chance to reschedule it. So make sure that you manage your time and reach the interview venue at least 30 minutes ahead of the interview.


If you think that, your experience and accomplishments speak for themselves, submitting a boring job application is not going to a big win over your potential employer. All employers want to feel your interest in the job and eagerness towards selected for the position.

Therefore, your resume should be impressive and highlight all your skills, which suited the position. Never write a generic cover letter To Whom It May Concern instead write in detail how you can help the company with your skills if you are hired for the position.

Lapse of memory

Never forget your deadlines or the name of the key people during job interviews, do not forget deadlines and always remember to state the reason why you were excited to start a new job search in the first place. There are several things to remember in the job search process. So be organized, make use of your smartphone to set reminders, set calendar reminders or at least keep all required info in a paper.

Never spoke badly about your previous employer.

Each of us will not have great bosses all the time. However, it is best to be tight-lipped when it comes to state anything about your previous employer. Never say anything negative about him even though he made you cry. Say, if you are applying for the same position and in the same industry there is a chance that your prospective employer may know your previous employer and your negative remarks may play as the villain, which will cut your chances of winning this new job. If you asked for the reason, why you left or thinking of leaving your previous job just say that, you worked for the company for a long time and wanted to try something new or you had grown to the maximum limit within your current company or wanted to work for bigger company in a bigger role.

Being Aggressive

Be polite, professional and friendly if you want to make a positive impression upon your interviewer.  Your attitude comes first, so be sure that you possess a great attitude. Make sure that you remain calm that your personality shines through the job interview and makes the best impression.


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