Be careful with these words at the workplace


That is not my job.

If you asked to work a new project out of the scope of your work, do not say that it is not your job. You can give a try and make it a success with the help of your team.

I hate this job

You will be running the risk of someone snitching your job if you discuss within the room that you hate your job. Even If you ready to quit, better not to use such a phrase at the current workplace.

I am very busy

Everyone uses the phrase even it is not the real situation. Instead, say it in a different way, I am completing a particular task now and will be ready for more when you are done.

Correct me if I am wrong

Suppose if you are in a meeting and one of your team members makes an incorrect statement.

So if you want to correct him, then do not offend him, correct in a way that everyone feels


Hey guys.

Be sure not to call your superiors saying hey guys. It is hard to differentiate between formal and informal conversations at work, but you should not address your managers or other top-level employees with something you might say to your friends, family, or kids.

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