Going green? What does it mean in the workplace?


Does it mean only taking vegetarian foods? Nope, we are talking about going green at the workplace. In normal terms going green means making wise and moral choices that help us to reduce, rescue and recycle. For few, it may be recycling on products and for some others, it may be doing it collectively such as using Uber carpools. We can go green at our workplace by minimizing the usage of electricity, usage of recycled water, etc. Other important criteria are to print less, usage of recycled papers are another way to go green. We can use both sides of the paper for printing and use scarp paper for noting phone numbers and similar notes. I agree that going paperless is not at all possible, we may need it for sure. However, we can take an oath to reduce the usage of papers and use recycling methods. Nowadays the cloud is famous and easily accessible, let us use the cloud for sharing and storing documents. Encourage using software to generate bills and Invoices and other docs and include an option to submit payments digitally.

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