How to Deal with a Bad Boss?


Obviously, we all may feel sometime that we don’t want to work maybe because we are working under a bad Boss or catty colleague. Most of the workers may not leave the job for the reason that they are not satisfied with the Job. An employee may leave the job if he is not happy with his Boss. To an extent, we can handle a bad boss, let us share some thoughts here.
Always prioritize the positives, keep away negative energy and thoughts. Even if your Boss is micromanaging your or pulling your legs, you try to focus on the positive aspect of your position which can help you to stay the situation. It is good to have a to-do list so that you can monitor pending jobs and it will give you a satisfied mind state when you look at the one which is already completed. You may receive an email from your boss after work hours. Take your time to respond to it, you don’t have to answer them immediately. It is better to take rest once you have completed all your tasks for the day.
Better to create a boundary between you and your boss so that things can be kept under control. It will be a good idea to talk to your boss before you are planning to have a meeting with him in person. Better to make an agenda in writing so that you can discuss what is troubling you? It will be good to update your boss with the current status so that he is aware of the situation and he will refrain from shouting at you why the job is not done yet. If your boss is stressed because of their bosses, then give them some space and not take what they say too seriously. Work together with them and sort out the issues.

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