How to deal with a counteroffer from your current employer?


You have received an offer for a different job position with another employer and you have accumulated the energy to talk with your present employer. However, the conversation ends in a counteroffer? What to do next? You never thought about it? Do not be panic; here is what you need to know.
Firstly, thank you for your present employer for the counteroffer. You made your mind to go out of the door. But it is worth at least listening to what your present employer is bringing to your table? You might be surprised by what they are willing to do to retain you. Analyze your needs and weigh both offers, think about future growth. Think about the reason why you had searched for a new job? Is that flexibility or career change or monetary benefits or step up the ladder?
Always remember that counteroffers aren’t all about money or perks. You need to keep your focus on your career and the values you get. We all always consider the monetary part when accepting a counteroffer. You don’t have to disclose your other offer with your current employer which will give you more leverage. Your current employer will come up with a better offer if they are not sure what is on your new offer. You make the final decision whether to stay back or leave.
Many experts have the opinion that job seekers that accepting counteroffer can be complex. There is some drawback in accepting or not accepting the offer/counteroffer. If you reject an offer, then the chances of getting hired for the same company are very less, they will mark you as rejected. Your present employer will doubt your loyalty and there is a chance that in the long run, they will look for your replacement let you go and you may or may not have something in your bucket that time.

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