Job Interview? Don’t know how to answer Interview questions?


You are in the middle of an interview, the hiring manager asks you a question and you are unaware of the answer? You got panic and don’t know what to do?

Ah, this is a nightmare, it hurts your job search. For sure, you have to say something. Be cool, take a deep breath and compose yourself, let your brain get some fresh oxygen

Assess yourself, why are you not able to answer, what is the difficulty? See below tips, hope it will help.

If you really don’t know the answer, ask the interviewer to rephrase the question. As a job seeker, it is your right to clarify the question than guessing what the interviewer expects you an answer. You can say that I want to make sure that I am answering your question correctly.

Would you mind repeating the question, please? Or you can ask I think you are asking about this? Am I correct?

Find out what the interviewer really wants to know. Interviewers know that they should not ask illegal interview questions like marital status or age of candidates, but sometimes these issues do come up. You can say that you are not comfortable with all these personal questions, which will divert the interviewer attention to another area. You can also figure out what the interviewer wants to know and try to respond to that query.

For example, if the Interviewer asks you do you pick your kids to and from the school? Then understand that their intention is to check whether you are available to work for the required hours.

You can give an intelligent answer here, I understand that the hours for this job is from this time to this time and I am completely available for those hours

Never lie; it will haunt you in the future. So give an honest response always. For example, if you were, asked why you left your previous join and the actual reason is that you were fired. The best answer to give here is that I was let go, but I made enough experience from my previous company and my previous job helped me a lot to organize myself. No one is perfect, and companies prefer to hire someone who is humble and admit mistakes, learn, and grow with the company.

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