Job search and social media?


Social media seems like free for all when it comes to sharing your thoughts or updating what is happening with everyone. Remember social sharing can have lasting effects, good or bad. So does it mean to stay away from social media or shy away from it? Not at all, the basic is to share and use social media in a smart way. Let us look at some suggestions on social media use if you are searching for a Job.

Review about your current employer

Never use social media to complain about your current employer or share negative thoughts on your current job. Stay away from complaining about a job or about your manager. Sharing of political views is also not a good idea,

It will not sit well with potential future employers.

Likes and Opinions

Job seekers need to be careful when they share their likes or express their opinions especially on religion, politics or any other hot issues. Do it in a thoughtful way that demonstrates that you have considered your words.

Never discuss your current projects or work plans, never be loose-lipped, maintain confidentiality and never disclose about your employer’s current projects or clients.

Protect your privacy; refrain from compromising photos and indiscriminate tagging. Posting a picture with alcohol bottles or smoking pics or dancing in a pub party will not be good for you. Be sure not to update your phone number, personal address, etc. in social Media, it will keep you safer both on your job search and on your personal life.

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