Negotiate Salary? Tips for fresher’s


If you are a fresher for sure you will be not in a better position on how to do the negotiation. Let us share some thoughts here, which will give you some support.

First, you must gain the confidence to negotiate by learning about what salary range to expect for that particular type of Job. You must always compare your expectations with market-rate offered. There are many websites, which will give you a better idea of various salary package offered by different companies for the same type of Job. Be sure to make use of or glass door to analyze market trends.

Secondly, you must consider all the benefits offered, benefits might vary among the companies. Some companies offer various benefits, which will make up your salary more than you had expected.

Flexibility is another important factor to consider. Check for work from home options, which will result in a huge saving in terms of cost and time.

As you, all know practice makes us perfect, it will be a good idea to practice negotiation skills prior to the real conversation.

Never get under pressure while doing the negotiations. Speak confidently and ease your nerves. You can ask for a day or two to decide on the offer.

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