Paper Resume? Do you need it?


The use of internet and smartphones has drastically increased and everything is available at your fingertips. However, it is imperative that you carry a paper resume for a job interview. There are some advantages as listed below. Read and decide whether you need a paper resume or not?
You can reference easily if you have a paper resume with you. You might be already nervous when you sit in front of an employer for an interview. So when he asks you a question regarding your previous date of employment you may feel it hard sometimes to remember it or answer it on time. If you have a copy of the resume with you, can easily answer all questions regarding your previous employment, experience etc.
Another scenario is that your future employer may not have your resume handy even though you had emailed him one earlier. So it is always better to have one with you when you attend a job interview so that you can provide him with a copy on request. If you do not have a resume, he may think that you are not organized and unprepared for the job interview.
It is always better to keep a couple of copies of your resume with you. Say you got selected and the interviewer wants to introduce to another head of the department, it is good to give a copy to them too so that they can know who you are and what experience you possess? Although your interviewer might have your resume on his screen during your interview, having a copy of your paper resume on his desk means that he’s bound to see it more than once. Offering a paper copy of your resume could be a subtle job seeker tactic to keep you front and center in your interviewer’s mind—and on his desk—allowing him to review your application and give you more consideration for the position.

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