Why we use LinkedIn? Is it beneficial?


We all heard about LinkedIn and most of us are using it. How can LinkedIn help us? Yes, LinkedIn can help us in many ways. It can help with networking, LinkedIn helps us to create a virtual network of contacts. The contacts are handy if you are especially looking for an opportunity. The groups in LinkedIn offer support; we can connect with like-minded professionals and share your thoughts. As we know, Recruiters use LinkedIn on a large-scale basis and they look for potential job candidates when they have a vacancy. Even if you are happy with your current job LinkedIn always, notify you about a better opportunity. LinkedIn can be helpful to research potential employers too. When you sign up for LinkedIn you are not only promoting yourself, but also creating a space for you where recruiters can search on you and they will contact you if they have the right opportunity for you. We can promote our business through LinkedIn; it increases our visibility, reachability and ultimately helps us to grow our business. For sure, LinkedIn is a better way to market, it is cheaper when compared to other sources of marketing your business. LinkedIn is all over; your business can be promoted within your country as well as over the world. LinkedIn is different from other social media as it focuses on your career and professional area rather than your personal lives.

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